Black Cat Grille in Redding, CT



We were looking for a quick bite to eat on a Sunday afternoon. “How about Black Cat Grille?” I asked. So we went and were quite pleased with the beer selections on tap, menu options (from unique seafood to traditional pub entree options), and even a palatable kids’ menu. We really only had 45-minutes for the meal, and we were able to polish off our meals without feeling rushed. They also serve brunch. Many were eating at the bar, and the main dining area was quickly filled. Definitely worth a visit and trying out the reasonably-priced options!

Black Cat Grille in Redding, CT
Catfish sandwich (grilled) and served in a zesty sauce; delicious with the fixings.

Black Cat Grille

58 Redding Road
Redding, CT
(203) 587-1276


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